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Hey guys thanks for visiting the site, I hope you like the new layout and if you have any recommendations for the site hit me up on twitter.

A lot of people have been asking how I’ve been doing and when I will be back and I’m happy to say that I’m back on the mats. I’ve been lifting like a madman the past few months and have gotten much stronger both in the weight room and on the wrestling mat.

My foot is coming along slow and steady, at first I was having trouble trusting my foot, but I trust it more everyday. The next big step for me is to get back into shape where I can wrestle an entire tournament and feel great for six straight matches.

Fortunately for me FLWC-RTC has recruited Nate Carr Jr. and Enock Francois, giving me two freestyle-only partners. This gives me a huge advantage because I’m able to commit myself to learning the subtle differences of freestyle. Something as simple as drilling takedowns and having my partner go into a tripod rather than diving between my legs will make the difference in at least one of my matches this year. I’ve realized that totally committing to freestyle is the only way I will be able to become a world and Olympic Champion. Whenever you are trying to learn or get better you need to practice thousands of times, and if you are practicing scoring a takedown in folkstyle it could eventually cause some problems and I need to be 100% on my game come World Team Trials.

I’m really focused on getting back into great shape before I step on the competition mat again, and I’m working towards that every single day. I’m still working on my schedule to see which tournaments I will enter. As of right now late January will be my first tournament back, I’m just not sure which tournament it will be (It’s between the Yariguin tournament in Russia, the Shultz tournament in Colorado, and Golden Grand Prix in Paris).

I’m hoping to announce something super special in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!