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Hey Guys,

I wanted to give you guys an update on what’s been going on with me these past few weeks. I had a great holiday season, and finally popped the question to my long-time girlfriend and although she was speechless because of the crying I still put the ring on her finger.

Later that week, I packed up and went back to Colorado Springs for the Freestyle National Team camp. Camp was going really well, I definitely improved since the last time I was there, and continued to improve during the week-long camp. Unfortunately, the last practice I was injured. We were practicing with the Greco National team, focusing on hand-fighting and two-point Greco-takedowns; because there was no point in all the freestyle guys getting tossed around in Greco by the Greco guys. In one of the last live ‘go’s’ I got thrown and hurt my shoulder pretty bad. I saw the doctor and they thought I had a shoulder subluxation and needed the swelling to go down before I got a MRI. The next day I left for home which really tested my patience with long delays and the need to change my flight four different times. I finally got home and was able to see the shoulder specialist in my town and he thought I injured my rotator cuff, but couldn’t be 100% sure until I got a MRI. Later that week I had the MRI and the Doctor called me back and told me I broke my shoulder blade starting at the Glenoid cavity down towards the flat part of my shoulder blade. The doctor said he had never seen this type of injury come from participating in sports, the only time he has seen it was with high-speed car crashes. The good news was that there was no significant damage to my ligaments or muscles and instead of a 4 month injury it is only a 5-7 week injury and I should be able to get back to wrestling in no time. I was fortunate enough to be free of any major injuries in my college career, and unfortunately I’ve strung together some pretty serious injuries over the past year. But I swore to myself that this would be the last major injury until I am done competing!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and if you have any questions or comments follow me on twitter or instagram at kyledake444.