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Hey Guys,

I promise I will get better at posting more frequently, sometimes I just get so caught up in training that I don’t really think about anything else. Anyway, I had an awesomely long weekend going down to the Dapper Dan and hanging out at the Milwaukee Booth meeting a bunch of young stars. I also got to give away FOUR pairs of KD’s (coming soon) to the four Outstanding Wrestlers. I love going to events like these because it brings me back to a time where I was really starting to set serious college goals and to when I was still a BOBCAT! The event was fun with a bunch of great wrestling, however the 5.5 hour drive down was a lot to take especially when I decided to test my mental toughness and make the trek back home at 8:30pm. Needless to say I am pretty tired and could really use a dog-nap (I’m allergic to cats, and I don’t really like them lol).

So today I’m getting everything packed to get ready for the big show in St Louis this week! This is my favorite time of the year because this is the moment every kid dreams of, we all grow up wanting to wrestle on the raised mat on Saturday night. This year will represent the first time I go to the tournament as strictly a fan, and I have to say I’m pretty excited for all the MATNESS to unfold. I’m really excited for the team race, because there is a lot of discrepancy about who will win, and I honestly like Cornell’s chances to steal it this year. We have the studs and the sleepers to get it done and this is where we peak.

I’m also pretty excited to get some good training in with the National Team in between sessions, because I haven’t been able to train with them very much this year and it is always good to find new partners and get different feels when you wrestle.

And I know the burning question is how is my recovery coming along, and I can safely say that I am back on the mat. Champ and I have been putting in a lot of miles in on the track which is definitely keeping me in shape.

Hopefully I’ll get to see some of you guys out in St. Louis and that you will be wearing some Cornell Red!!!