In Life

I’ve had some time to settle down after my surgery, and I’ve finally tapered completely off the pain medication, which is great because I felt terrible while on the medication. A couple weeks before trials I hurt my shoulder again, at the time I didn’t think anything off it, I just thought I tweaked the same shoulder I injured in January of 2015. So I took a couple days off the mat to let it calm down, and continued to prepare for trials. After trials my shoulder was bothering me much worse than before, so my team and I decided to get another MRI and speak with the doctors. The MRI showed a worsening of my already torn labrum and bicep tendon, with an added tear of my rotator cuff. The last time I spoke with the doctor, in 2015, my rotator cuff was intact and we decided it would be best to rehab and strengthen as much as possible. Luckily for me I had no dislocation of the shoulder, and could repair the damage through arthroscopic surgery. So a couple weeks ago I flew down to South Carolina to repair my shoulder. The doctor said it was worse than he originally thought, but was able to repair everything, and I’ll be better than before. Unfortunately I’ll be off the mat for four months, but I’m glad to be healing and moving in the right direction.